Media training & coaching

Today, appearing on camera is now an expectation for executives and those in important positions.

Not being prepared can lead to disaster.

As a former television news anchor and network correspondent, Art Rascon uses his years of experience to make you feel comfortable and confident when staring down a cold lens. Each word matters, and much more than that, so do your tone, gestures and expressions.

You will be trained in how to be confident in front of:

  • a live audience
  • the media world
  • streaming events
  • hungry reporters out for a scoop
  • a board of directors

There is no preparation better than jumping right in, so your team will be put on camera and confronted with real-life training scenarios. Immediate feedback, critiques and helpful tips will improve your peformance and credibility.

No need to be scared of a camera. Get the practical experience and training you need to increase your confidence in every element of communication.