Crisis management

Protecting your company’s reputation and minimizing negative media coverage is very important in today’s fast moving media environment.

We live in an ever changing, instantaneously challenging news cycle where the smallest mistake could prove to be disastrous for you, your company or any organization.

Not only is there a 24 hour mainstream media news cycle to contend with, now you have to deal with social media and the internet, too.

With Art Rascon’s many years of television news journalism experience, if you find yourself in a crisis event, Rascon Media Group can help guide you through a tough situation.

Before the worst occurs, be pro-active and sharpen your skills to figure out what works and what doesn’t, with our full day of communication management training.

The possibilty of losing control of your own story in today’s fast and volatile environment makes training essential in today’s media focused world. We will coach your team through any crisis and offer the immediate help to steer the narrative and hold on to your hard earned reputation.

Rascon media knows how the media works from the inside and how they function:

  • We know the deadlines they are under
  • The staffing shortages news outlets face today
  • How to get your proper message to reporters

Communication is the key indicator of any successful company, especially in times of crisis.