Art Rascon through the years

Former TV anchor boasts serious commercial success in new TV gig

Ken Hoffman of CultureMap writes how Art Rascon has reinvented himself as a TV commercial spokesperson:

CultureMap: Was becoming a TV commercial spokesperson in your plans for a period of time? Did it figure into the timing of you leaving Channel 13?

Art Rascon: This was not in the initial plan when deciding to leave Channel 13. Not at all. I would occasionally say to myself, “Hey, I think I could do commercials when I leave here.”

Melanie Lawson and I even joked about it on the set of the 5 p.m. news on commercial breaks during my final weeks with Channel 13. We laughed about it then but I didn’t start thinking seriously about a commercial career until after I left the news industry.

CM: How does it work? Do you have an agent? Does the agent go out looking for clients, or do clients come directly to you?

AR: The process is simple. This is not rocket science. Most companies or brands understand the value of having a credible, well-respected spokesperson to help shape their identity and represent them in the public forum.

Both companies, Kelsey-Seybold and Terry Bryant Law, sought me out through social media as someone they believed would represent them well. I’ve known these companies for a long time. There was some initial guidance through Houston talent agency Pastorini-Bosby for Kelsey-Seybold, but the connections to the companies were established through decades of reporting and anchoring for Channel 13.

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