Art Rascon through the years

Art Rascon hosts “Ransom: Position of Trust” podcast

Edward R. Murrow Award and EMMY award-winning journalist Art Rascon, hosts KSL podcast “Ransom: Position of Trust.

The podcast chronicles the true story of 12-year-old McKay Everett, who disappeared from his Conroe, Texas home on September 12, 1995.

When his parents returned from a meeting, they found the back door ajar and the telephone ringing. A woman with a “raspy” voice demanded $500,000.

Days later, McKay was found murdered, and the suspect shocked everyone. Hilton Crawford, a former policeman and a trusted family friend of the Everett’s known as “Uncle Hilty,” was found guilty of the horrific crime.

“It’s a story that captured the attention of the entire nation. All eyes on Conroe, Texas,” Rascon, who covered the story as an anchor for ABC13 KTRK Houston told KSL. “No one would ever dream and think of this type of scenario playing out, where the culprit, the perpetrator of this is someone who is known so well and so loved by that family, and by that young boy.

“The reason this one is so relevant today is because this mother still does not feel to this day that justice was served. What you’re getting in this podcast are fascinating interviews, insight that hasn’t been heard before, from the same investigators who investigated this, who uncovered it, who found out who the perpetrator was, who discovered the 12-year-old boy, who figured out how he was trying to escape from the trunk of a vehicle. It’s a terribly tragic story of betrayal and greed and destroyed relationship, but it’s a story that the mother says we need to tell.”

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