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Art Rascon is a Houston, Texas spokesperson

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Meet Art Rascon

Former globe-trotting journalist, ready to help you

Art Rascon is an award-winning former television journalist who brings 36 years of media experience to brands and companies.

With 21 EMMY awards to his name, Art is prepared to offer his services for on-air spokesperson work, presentations, media training, talent coaching, image/crisis consulting and documentaries.

When Art is the face of a brand ad campaign, viewers respond, with the numbers to back up the results!

Art has travelled the globe to more than 80 countries covering everything from conflicts to uplifting stories for media organizations such as ABC television stations, ABC News and the CBS Evening News.

Let his experience work for you.


As one of the most recognizable and credible faces in Houston, Texas and beyond, Art Rascon represents such top brands as KelseyCare Advantage (KCA) and attorney Terry Bryant. Art’s work as a spokesperson for top brands is getting proven results for his clients. See how he can help your company!

Public Speaker

Need an inspiring, motivational public speaker? Look no further. Art Rascon has incredible stories to tell. From breaking two wrists during an IRONMAN event and still finishing, to his many stories from covering many historical events around the world, Art is a powerful motivational speaker.

Crisis management

It is critical to be timely, truthful, and deliberate in your response. The public deserves the truth and does not want to wait another day to hear it. Our full day training will allow you to sharpen your skills and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Media training/
Talent coaching

You will be trained in how to be confident in front of a live audience, the media world, hungry reporters, or a board of directors. We know how it’s done and we do it right. We will help you build confidence and increase your credibility. Each word matters, and much more than that; your tone, your gestures, your expressions, all of it makes a difference.

Art Rascon voiceover for podcasting.


With a distinguished career spanning nearly 40 years in the media industry, Art brings a unique and captivating voice to your projects, from podcast hosting to commercials. Let Art’s voice be the one that tells your story and captures your audience’s imagination.

Image control

Be confident. Don’t let your guard down. Look at the audience. Be sincere. Sharpen your look, your gestures, your life. Let us work with you on how to change your image. We are brutally honest but promise remarkable results. Our consulting will change the way you think about yourself and how others look and feel about you.


If you want your story to resonate with an audience, Rascon Media Group can do it for you in a way that captures the humanity, emotion and professionalism that brings compelling stories to life. Whether its the story of your company, an ancestor, your elderly parents, or any current event throughout the world, Art Rascon and his team will create a memorable and unforgettable visual experience for you.

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Art Rascon hosts "Ransom: Position of Trust" podcast

Art Rascon and his family

Art Rascon interviewed by VoyageHouston

Art Rascon after completing April 22, 2023’s Ironman Texas triathlon in The Woodlands and getting injured.

Art Rascon finished Ironman triathlon with two broken wrists

Art Rascon as a spokesperson

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